They say that "One Thousand Paper Cranes" shouldn't need a white person to help tell the story of people of color.
"We have avoided nuclear war not through prudent leadership but good fortune," said Beatrice Fihn, at the award ceremony in Oslo.
August 9th is a good time to remember that the United States has an addiction, and an affliction, of violence.
Hundreds of thousands died after the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, according to some estimates.
Setsuko Thurlow was thirteen years old when the first atomic bomb ever used on people ripped through Hiroshima, including
With rare exception, the question of whether the atomic bombs were necessary to end World War Two is debated only deep within
There is hope for you, Hiroshima says to the Afghans. We did it. You can do it, too. And you feel from these courageous, talented
The president has said he'd welcome a nuclear arms race. We should be very clear about what that means.
News just broke a few minutes ago as I write this. The Republican leader of our country has decided to use a weapon of such
Mr. Trump's inaugural address is an opportunity to publicly reaffirm America's commitment to negotiations with North Korea