hissene habre

I was in court in Dakar last October when Khadidja told the court that "the president himself raped me four times." The presiding
How a group of ex-prisoners and female lawyers brought a former U.S.-backed tyrant to justice.
Finding dictator Hissène Habré guilty is a win for all oppressed peoples.
I remember as an elementary school kid in Nigeria in the 80's seeing the massive influx of Chadian nationals--women, young
DAKAR, Senegal (AP) -- The bodies came daily. Sometimes 10, sometimes 20 lives lost to torture, malnutrition or sickness
"They owe me a child, they're going to pay for what happened to my child!" shouted Oumar Goujda as he stood before the presiding judge of N'Djamena's Criminal Court on November 21.
(Washington, DC) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her trip to Africa should promote freedom of expression and association
Twenty-one years after his overthrow and flight to Senegal, the former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré may finally face trial for brutality against his own people.
A fair trial for Hissene Habré would strike a blow against the cycle of impunity in which leaders brutalize their countries, pillage their treasuries and then eventually move next door to join their bank accounts.