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Kota Yamano says it took just a half hour to debunk a theory that Earhart was captured by the Japanese.
It was a Hitler joke that landed Elizabeth Shapiro her own TV show. Actor/writer/opera singer/creator Elizabeth Shapiro created
Now all these people who did this, I am sure have all died. So who will tell their story? Jews never separated themselves
Roots became a cultural phenomenon and encouraged more people to engage seriously with the history slavery than anything before or since. Explore 10 surprising facts about one of the most important representations of slavery and black history of all time.
Star Malachi Kirby said the actors in the miniseries were "adamant" about portraying black female resilience.
When we align with our real identity as souls, children of God, as a first step, we are rooted in an understanding and willingness
And do they really want to toss aside potential female viewers? After all, every survey I can find about genealogy concludes
I wish to apologize to the development team at Four Funnels Entertainment for being such an impatient, easily distracted oaf. This past weekend I learned I am utterly incapable of watching history unfold, particularly if my phone is nearby.
Tired of red carpets, awards shows, insulting debates, boring Town Halls and droning political pundits? Check out the newest incarnation of the Egyptian boy wonder at The Discovery of King Tut exhibit.
The “Roots” remake from A+E Studios will premiere this Memorial Day. The first full trailer for the high-anticipated event
Cost is the number one reason why people do not go to college, and it's the main reason why they drop out. Many of those who do get a degree are saddled with burdensome debt.
While most people equate the book with the ever-watching tele screens or the ominous presence of Big Brother, what I came to realize, reading the book, is that it is actually about history, or rather, the control of history. The narrative.
There has been lots of talk the past few years about the coming "disruption" in higher education. Technology, critics suggest, will present traditional colleges and universities with daunting challenges. Some have estimated that half will be forced to close their doors in the next 15 years.
In many ways, we have a romanticized view of college. Popular portrayals of a typical classroom show a handful of engaged students sitting attentively around a small seminar table while their Harrison Ford-like professor shares their wisdom about the world.
"Vikings" airs Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET on History. But there's more to the drama than boats and battles, and whether you
Don’t let Hawaii or Tahiti fool you: islands are scary. For every tropical paradise, there’s some Shutter Island or Island
Hirst went on to compliment the show saying it is "very well-written" and admitting how popular it is. "I know that millions
I had the honor of running the Seder. Have you ever tried to keep a half-dozen kids -- let alone 20 adults, all with advanced adult A.D.D. brought on by the use of social media -- quiet? It's practically impossible.