Helen Mirren’s acting is what made her famous, but she’s also known for her hilarious banter.
Directors Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow pay tribute to Brian De Palma in the best way possible in the documentary, De Palma
I have chosen to analyze Rebecca in terms of Hitchcock's use of genre and how it contributes to, complicates or takes away from the film.
The 65 minutes long work is a poetic essay and a double love story. there is the filmmaker's love for San Francisco, a city where all one's special and beloved places "are disappearing before your eyes," and there is her love for women -- women who are almost too beautiful to be looked at, who are adored, courted, pursued, but remain elusive.
In Alfred Hitchcock’s short "Bang! You’re Dead," a boy holds a partially loaded gun, completely unaware of its capabilities. A group of Canadian researchers using the film in a study found that life has a way of imitating art.
Legendary film filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was born 115 years ago, on Aug. 13, 1899. The Master of Suspense died in 1980, but
"The Queen" (2006) "I loved driving my Land Rover. I did my own sort of stunt driving, if you could call it that. I was driving
If you visit the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres you will see amongst other things a citation of Dali's book about Millet's
Under the expert curatorial guidance of Ed Budz, the Thalia theater at Symphony Space is offering a remarkable cinematic series this summer. Appropriately if prosaically titled Classics in HD, it includes some of the most memorable films in 20th century film history.
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