Can You Believe? Can you believe Chuck Grassley claiming that people who aren’t rich “are just spending every darn penny
“Wait, they played this at my elementary school.”
The first movie directed by comedian David Cross that premiered at Sundance last year now has a full-length trailer that
David Cross's film, Hits, is a dark comedy exploring the nature of fame in 21st Century YouTube America. Cross brought a big chunk of his cast to the studio, and to say I lost control of this interview is to imply that I ever had it. It was, however, some of the most fun I had all week.
Ha ha. It’s not that this movie is “so weird” that I was repelled by it. It just came off as strangely lazy. The tone is
Des'ree If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, by all means pitch in. Which '90s artist's career would you most want to
Dead men were big sellers in 2010, from Stieg Larsson and his Millennium trilogy to Mark Twain and the autobiography he wanted
Given that the team's super-rich owners used taxpayer subsidies to help finance their gilded ballpark, it serves them right that they're losing some revenue.