After starting the War On Cancer, how are we doing in 2015? Is it still only the hype of technology promises, or is there hope in the current panoply of accomplishments from medical research?
The decision made by Senator Coburn was a difficult one. He took the last option and decided to pay cash to continue his care with his former oncologist. And even more courageously, he made his story and decision public.
Everyone is questioning what type of insurance should they pick. And they not only are confused, they also have become angry and distressed. Some even get sick thinking about how to prevent sickness. Is this logical?
When my pain was more severe than usual one morning, I discovered I'd been sleeping on a Kentucky Fried chicken wing my daughter had loving attempted to feed me the evening before
Much of the research that has been done on the LGBT community has been done on young lesbians and gay men, ignoring the hidden mature community.
Health care ombuds programs, like the one our group has employed in New York, are crucial in leveling the playing field between insurance companies, hospitals and the individual consumer.
The health plans are beginning to figure out how they will survive and thrive under the new rules, and the way forward is, according to one managed care exec, to change how providers are paid.
Reporting from Grand Junction, Colo. - At first glance, this city of 45,000 looks like so many others, a spiral of ranch
While many elderly people and their doctors would like to fix aspects of Medicare, there is no uproar to get rid of it -- it largely works. So why aren't we looking to this pretty good system as a model?