Contrails mixed with morning sunlight make for a stunning image.
“It’s fun, social and supportive. They are making friends for life here.”
As a landscape and travel photographer, I've seen many spectacular views. Some of the most famous are captured at sunrise and sunset, when the colour palette of nature is at its best. Most tourists, however, are still in their bed, or dining at the buffet in their hotel.
This Letter from Melbourne begins with a report on Tasmania (Tassie in Australianese). Hobart is the most charming southern town on the planet. I checked.
As parents we send young folk to college to grow and learn. Naiveté and alcohol lay in wait as tinder for trouble. It's important to understand this and examine it, and find ways to stem it so that there are less victims and less young men whose futures have been derailed by an ill-advised, momentary capitalization on impulse.
It's a large box-type edifice built at a reported cost of more than $75 million into a sandstone cliff on a promontory a 30-minute ferry ride from Hobart, Tasmania's capital, on the north bank of the Derwent River.
So many places to see, so little time. To help make planning a great escape in the new year more breezy and less run-of-the-mill, a few travel bloggers and I chime in on the destinations that top our 2013 travel bucket lists.
Plenty of cities claim to have an underground art scene, but in Tasmania the art scene is literally underground.
World Tourism Day, like a lot of the "holidays" declared by the United Nations sounds like a bureaucratic invention, but
Jury selection began today in the trial of a Hobart, Indiana woman accused of one of the most heinous local crimes in recent
SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- Scientists have discovered a fast-moving deep ocean current with the volume of 40 Amazon Rivers near