The find suggests that the human species Homo erectus shrank over time, becoming 'Hobbits.'
Sleeping in a Hobbit hole is a fantasy for many, and this hotel may be as close as you can get. And unlike the Hobbit holes in the Shire, this property faces the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.
While filming, many of the cast expressed concerns that viewers would think the landscape was fake. How, they argued, could moviegoers believe that such stunning scenery is real? Where in the world do thundering waterfalls, turquoise lakes, volcanic pinnacles, and alpine glaciers all occupy a terrain with hardly any people?
Por supuesto que nuevos J. R. R. Tolkien, Dan Brown o E. L. James nacen todos los días, cualquiera puede ser, pero nunca lo sabremos hasta que el público los corone y agote sus ejemplares, también nacen todos los días los émulos de Pablo Neruda, Vargas Llosa y García Márquez, que viven como pueden, mientras escriben y publican quince o veinte nuevos títulos cada uno antes que el comité Sueco-Noruego del Nobel se acuerde de ellos.
For those who want to live like Bilbo on their next vacation, these 10 hobbit homes featured on FlipKey provide the perfect place for second breakfast.