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With the second presidential debate two weeks away, both candidates have some time to review the first debate and prepare for the next one. For Trump, practice may be key, particularly extended sessions with one opponent, rather than the many that he had during the primaries.
Specially, we're talking about early voting. Numerous states already have early voting underway, including Minnesota, Wisconsin
The first Trump/Clinton Debate! Trump debated Clinton at Hofstra University-- who won? Jackie and Dunlap bring you all the
The tension and stakes of the contest, could not be any higher.
Clinton needs to be charming to appear presidential. Trump just has to act like a grown-up.
Twelve score years ago our founders brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to
In a televised debate, with multiple opportunities for replay, especially in the digital era, elegant and substantive speaking can be overshadowed by an unfavorable image.
History is about to be made at Hofstra University, and excitement is building to a crescendo among the school's nearly 11,000 students. On Monday evening, Democrat Hillary Clinton will face Republican Donald Trump in a presidential debate that will likely be the most-watched television program in U.S. history.
William's presentation focused on growing gaps and shrinking opportunities for members of minority groups in the United States
As the Chinese proverb says: fall down seven times, get up eight times. I glanced up during my swim and saw I was surrounded
Follow Alan Singer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReecesPieces8 In exchange for Democratic Party support for Jill Stein's
Between 1982 and 2012 over the course of three decades there were 62 mass murders in the United States using firearms. They have taken place in thirty states. The killers had in their possession 142 guns. At least three-fourths of these weapons had been obtained legally.
Centre College Assistant Professor of Government Ben Knoll added commentary on the vice-presidential debate that took place
Should President Obama win reelection in less than three weeks, this debate may go down as a turning point in this momentous and historic campaign.
Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., which last week hosted the second presidential debate, shelled out $4.5 million. That's
Monday night, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney face off in the final presidential debate. The high stakes show the continuing importance of public opinion in American democracy.