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P: How will ASSESSMENT of student work and REFLECTIONS on this lesson shape future instructional practices and lesson objectives
These student-led conversations, brief though they were, provided a welcomed respite from the poor state of political and
With the second presidential debate two weeks away, both candidates have some time to review the first debate and prepare for the next one. For Trump, practice may be key, particularly extended sessions with one opponent, rather than the many that he had during the primaries.
Specially, we're talking about early voting. Numerous states already have early voting underway, including Minnesota, Wisconsin
"Trump reinforced racial profiling, failed to apologize for birtherism & spewed more insults against black America. What else did you expect?"
Since passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2002 with bipartisan support, the federal government has played an increased
Democracy means an educated public gets to decide policy issues. But it also requires that people have enough education to understand and evaluate scientific findings.
She's traveled all over the world, but today, and nearly every day, the longest journey that Anastasia Damianeas will take is from her home to her office.
Students may also be sampling different foods and tastes for the first time, and they may indulge in over eating and excess alcohol in an effort to fit in and make new friends. Advice for students entering freshman year:
Long Island's research institutions are key to the region's economic activity and potential growth. We should see them not as ivory towers but as vital parts of the engine that powers the region -- and its future prosperity.
It is a fact that the story of America cannot be truthfully told without the story of people of African descent. If we are going to close the gap and confront racism, we need to learn and understand others' history and way of life.
Given that New York has the most segregated schools in America, according to the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, these studies should be the basis for a regional commitment to addressing these inequities.
Congress is Republican. ISIS is on the march. Common Core and high-stakes testing are under attack. The Affordable Health Care Act may be torpedoed by the Supreme Court. Arne Duncan and Barack Obama evidently need a softer opponent to pad their legacy. The hapless Knicks were probably not available for a pick-up basketball game.
I follow the Sikh faith, which requires that I keep my hair long and wear a turban and beard. The ROTC recruiters said I would not be able to enlist unless I complied with all Army grooming and uniform rules.
It's vital that New Yorker's not let the chance to expand our children's horizons and secure our country's future slip by. The New York Bonds for School Technology Act is a creative first step and deserves the voter's attention.
On paper, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev reads like a forward-thinking person's dream of what a beauty queen could be. She's
Who would have thought that educators from Japan, whose school system is always paraded before the American public as one that the United States should emulate, would actually visit New York City to learn how to improve education in Japanese schools?
Insider Foods: Foods that only people within a culture eat and outsiders do not. An example would be that Thais use 'meng
Kazan played The Smith Center in Las Vegas last week and she was a major hit. Doing a set list composed of songs she's performed