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This is the first of three Huffington Posts on how to pass the teacher certification exam known as edTPA. This article provides
For our first activity examine the election map. Questions 1. List five states where Donald Trump was the winning candidate
With the second presidential debate two weeks away, both candidates have some time to review the first debate and prepare for the next one. For Trump, practice may be key, particularly extended sessions with one opponent, rather than the many that he had during the primaries.
But beyond the instantaneous take aways that launched a thousand hot takes last night, the real and tangible impact of the
"Trump reinforced racial profiling, failed to apologize for birtherism & spewed more insults against black America. What else did you expect?"
Featured panelists include Carol Burris, Executive Director of the Network for Public Education; Max Eden, Senior Fellow
Democracy means an educated public gets to decide policy issues. But it also requires that people have enough education to understand and evaluate scientific findings.
She's traveled all over the world, but today, and nearly every day, the longest journey that Anastasia Damianeas will take is from her home to her office.
Students may also be sampling different foods and tastes for the first time, and they may indulge in over eating and excess alcohol in an effort to fit in and make new friends. Advice for students entering freshman year: