Being invited to speak with His Holiness the Dalai Lama is in itself a humbling experience. His Holiness is truly a Great Navigator of Island Earth, an inspiration for us all as we aim to lead our communities towards a better future.
New crewmembers are leaving the Hawaiian Islands today and arriving at Pago Pago, American Sāmoa to join with Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia. They will set sail to Tonga and the Kermadec Islands en route to the northeastern tip of Aotearoa (New Zealand).
Olosega Island is a lesson in just how fickle we can be with our natural resources, and what it will take to sustain them.
Transform means to change, to create something new. Imagine that transforming education means "creating Schools of Navigation across the world."
Above all else, the opportunity to present at the UN Small Island Developing States Conference showed us that while Mālama Honua is extraordinarily difficult, unfathomably complicated, and absurdly ambitious, it is also entirely necessary.
Hokule'a is a twin-hulled canoe, or vaka, based on the ancient design of open-ocean Polynesian voyaging canoes. Millennia ago, Polynesians sailed across thousands of miles of ocean and settled the many islands of the Pacific in canoes just like this.