The Holi festival, hurling royals and ice-covered houses round out this week's best images.
Holi festival, New Zealand mourns, and signs of spring in California, to name a few.
Adidas says the collection is inspired by the "magic and beauty" of Holi, a Hindu spiritual festival.
Don’t dilute Holi as a “Color Run” or just do it for the ‘gram.
The Hindu religious festival is filled with meaning.
To those who claim that protecting tradition requires denying equal rights, the UN has a simple message.
Learn about this "color festival" you’re celebrating.
“Women are deleted from public spaces during these festivals because of the fear of harassment.”
Bollywood music is blaring in the background. You walk into a field of people. Before you can reach your hand into your rectangular plastic packet and come up with a game plan, your face is blinded with three different colors.
As a photographer, I search for light and color. So when I learned about this festival every year in India that involves throwing colored pigment at each other, I knew I would be in the largest color war that existed on the planet and I wanted to be on the front lines for it.