holiday hair

Deciding on what to wear to all those holiday parties you've RSVP'd for is stressful enough. And by the time you put together
Hair is about expression, and if you've been 'expressing' the same thing for a long time, you probably need to make a change for its own sake. There is no better time to make that move than during the 'see-and-be-seen' party season.
Holiday season is in full swing and there are lots of parties. This makes us ask the age-old question, "What shall I wear do with my hair?"
Things are looking up for your New Year's Eve.
Which means more money to spend on gift shopping!
It's officially the holiday season which means-parties galore! Want to do something festive with your locks that doesn't
One holiday party look that I really love is the classic Brigitte Bardot. Almost every woman can wear this look, or a version of it. It is sexy, soft and fun to wear, but at the same time it is classic and timeless.
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With holiday parties around the corner, I'm in dire need of a simple, yet sophisticated hairstyle that can withstand hours