If you have allergies or toxic relatives or are struggling to stay sober, sometimes it's healthier to stay put.
Just because you'll survive the holidays doesn't mean your hair will.
What if you could start the season of festivity feeling like you had your sh*t together? What if you could easily say "no" to that last minute pain-in-the-butt request from your book club? What if it felt effortless to turn down those stale store-bought cookies sitting on the counter at work, since you know you're not going to enjoy them anyway?
As you find yourself surrounded by temptation, it's not unusual to doubt that it's even possible to be healthy through the holiday season. Diets are sure to fail and your usual healthy habits are disturbed by holiday activities, so what are you to do?
Part of what makes the holidays so special is being around family, experiencing the joy of giving, the indulgence of special food and drink, and the fun of holiday parties. It's super OK to dive into all of it, we've just got to remember ways to come up for air.
Employ these well-honed tactics and you'll minimize temptation so you can comfortably slip on that little black party dress. You'll thank me New Year's Day when weight loss won't be among your resolutions.