holiday makeup

Makeup this time of year can also get extra creative and vibrant, especially if you're heading to a dinner party/glam gala/no-holds-barred night of karaoke carols.
No better time than now to get some glitter and shine for the holidays!
Not unlike the perfect rhinestone-studded clutch, a bold lipstick never fails to be the perfect complement to any holiday
Just like the little black dress is a wardrobe classic, a swipe of red lipstick is all you need to always look chic and glamorous. However, no one shade of red lipstick will suit every woman, which is why I've created a how-to guide to finding the right red for your skin tone this holiday season.
My OCD gift to you: a gallery of the best nail colors this holiday season.
Believe it or not, most makeup includes animal-derived ingredients. However, colorful, high quality, beautiful vegan makeup options abound -- so there's no reason that an animal has to suffer for the sake of some shimmer and shine.
Photo: Bobby Doherty The holidays are descending upon us, and that means holiday parties. Just in time, Dolce & Gabbana is
Look for mascaras with hard-working ingredients like candelilla wax, beeswax and allantoin to keep lashes in top-notch form.
Assembled here is a four-day holiday makeover plan to allow you to bring a little pizzazz to the festivities right up through New Year's Eve.
Move over party frocks and heels, the spotlight is now on holiday makeup—that glamorous topping to your chicest party-time
At a time when the dollar is still floundering, gold prices have hit a record high, and the glamour world has responded in kind with a treasure trove of glittering wares in the most reliable metal of all time. 2009 could hardly be described as the golden age of anything--except perhaps gold objects.