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Retail experts tell HuffPost Live how to best navigate the onslaught of holiday sales.
3. The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express will earn cardholders 3% cash back on select U.S. department store
So if you visit a retailer's site and aren't impressed with its current promotion, "wait and watch for something better if
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With only four shopping days left until Christmas, many people are preparing to brace the crowds to get those last minute
The damage done by overbuying is usually what lingers and chokes out the joy we may have gotten from buying the items in the first place. Can we be saved from our impulse buying insanity?
Full disclosure: Dr. Orbuch said that the best holiday gift she received from her husband was a handwritten sonnet. Whatever
In response to this time of heavy consumerism, nonprofits proposed Giving Tuesday, which asks people to consider giving to organizations that are addressing critical social issues.
Whether you're looking to spice up your holiday White Elephant party or give something to everyone in your Little Black Book, these gifts are cheap in all the right ways.
Here's what we found. 3. They put their smartphones to work. 9. They make sure that their ‘deals’ are actually real. “Continue
The worst penalty isn't a lump of coal in your stocking. It's a lowering of your credit score -- something that impacts your future cost of credit, and even the cost of homeowners and auto insurance.
A lot of people these days blame credit cards for the national debt crisis, but really credit cards can be used to save a whole lot of money, especially during extreme shopping situations, like the holidays. If you use a credit card properly, it can even help you make a little extra holiday cash through rewards and perks.
Believe it or not, Christmas Eve is three months away. Consider yourself warned. This year, don't let procrastination invade your holiday. If you start planning and shopping now, it may very well be possible to get through the holidays debt-free.
As we begin 2013, it's worth remembering how much is beyond our control. The most fastidious, organized and self-protective among us are vulnerable every minute of every day.
2. Go Homemade Whether it's baked, knit, or scrapbooked, any gift you make yourself not only feels meaningful to the recipient
With so many people holiday shopping this time of year, you might think retailers hold all the cards in the winter, but that isn't entirely true.
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