If you go to any toy store, the section marked for boys has sporting equipment, action figures, and race cars. The section for girls? Princess dolls and play vanity sets. What messages do we send when these are the general choices we give our kids?
It remains to be seen, however, what impact such legislation will have given that many women do not report street harassment
While social networks like Reddit and Twitter have recently pledged to ban revenge porn and take a stand against trolls, HeartMob
Her name is Elisa Lopez. She is not a nameless subway passenger in a skirt. She is not a YouTube video. She is not a blurred face. She is you, she is me, she is your sister and your best friend.
If catcalling is just about how men are "hardwired" and therefore should be accepted, surely straight men should have no problem with gay men paying them compliments on their bodies and offering greetings on the street, right? Wrong. I don't even have to make the video to know what would happen. And that exposes the fallacy of catcallers who say that they're "just being men."
This issue should continue to be examined, articulated and pressed forward with the legitimate chance of actualizing legislation to ensure that catcalling and street harassment is a prosecutable crime.
Help me understand this. If a man--a stranger--says, "How are you this morning?" or "Have a nice evening" to a woman--a stranger--on the street, we're to interpret this as sexual harassment? What if he says, "God bless you--have a good day, alright?" Still harassment?
Street harassment and gender-based violence are real and serious. They should be recognized and called out for what they are. However, to accuse men of harassment just because you don't want to associate with them for whatever reason is a gross trivialization of actual harassment.
Participants voiced their frustration that white men had apparently been edited out of the original catcalling video (a move
“No, I’m pretty sure it happens everywhere,” she said. “Yeah, I mean [Roberts] happened to be in New York, but I’m sure she
The video left me with large question marks and quite a bit of discomfort about its unspoken racial bias.
I've created this easy-to-follow flow chart that should pretty much explain to all men how we should act while walking down the street.
"I felt like no one had ever really shown what it's like to experience street harassment, more or less," Bliss told The Huffington
When subjects protest, Tompkins stands up for herself. Tompkins believes her work is necessary, given how many women feel
Street harassment forces women to change their everyday behaviors, from taking a different route to work out of fear to wearing
Today we announce the seven women and men chosen as our 2014 Prime Movers fellows who will inspire you next or may have already done so.
Just telling people that a behavior is wrong is not the same as giving them the tools to change it.
What's the biggest myth about street harassment? That men of color comprise the majority of offenders. It's a myth as old as this nation: the idea that Black men are more likely to be sexual predators -- especially of white women.