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Teens once flocked to Abercrombie, lured by the perceived coolness of the A&F name and trademark moose logo. But the retailer was slow to adapt when fashion trends shifted and customers began shunning logos.
Hollister unveiled its new store concept in November 2013. (Photo: Hollister analyst day presentation) But the change so
The colognes that Abercrombie pumps through its ventilation systems are of a musky, masculine character, which suggests closed
Abercrombie's sales have fallen off a cliff over the past year and the formerly cool retailer -- known for its razor focus
Even in the teen fashion industry, where retail workers are expected to wear the style of clothes they sell, Abercrombie & Fitch stands out for its draconian dress code.
Although Abercrombie’s army of store workers must follow the uncompromising outfit rules, the atmosphere is very different
This isn't the first time Abercrombie has been in trouble over this issue. In 2009 the clothing store was found guilty of
In March, Judge Daniel ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. “Because the Hollister stores with Raised Porch Entrances are in
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