Holly Robinson

"Letting your boys know when they can and when they cannot pursue a sexual encounter is very, very important."
Switch Up Your Schedule Before this particular hiatus, I would get up and exercise, do half an hour of social media, then
Folly Cove wasn't the name I originally chose for the novel when I proposed it to my editor. The first title was Birch Point
Timing is everything. Well, maybe not everything, you do need a great product, some capital and robust distribution. They
If you're curious, here's my word count over the past month. You can see that some days are better than others. There are
What did I do? I spent 17 minutes tinkering with my new novel. I didn't get very far, but because I'd looked at it and tightened
I'm addicted to book review porn the way some people ogle real estate ads, vacation brochures, or the latest iPhone gadgets. When I first read the advance reviews of Jennifer Brown's debut novel, Modern Girls, I knew this was a must-read.
For all of you readers out there, the next time you pick up a novel, consider this: Why did the author choose this point of view? What would have happened if the book had been told from a different perspective? Or even multiple vantage points? The answers may surprise you.
"I am kind of programmed to help other writers and have been doing that since long before I had an agent or book contract. It inspired me to be around (virtually) other writers, published and not."