holly robinson peete

The conversation left Peete "so filled with hope."
"Letting your boys know when they can and when they cannot pursue a sexual encounter is very, very important."
"The therapist with arms raised was shot and thankfully not fatally. But WHY???!!!"
For many years, the black community has shunned talks about developmental disabilities and mental illness. When it came to the development disabled, the term "slow" or "little yellow school bus" has frequently been used.
"To all the kids with autism out there, you can do anything you want to."
It's a frank and heartrending conversation.
When some autism parents who are at their wits end dare to doubt, question or voice their concerns and desire for more conversations and research about potential effects of environmental triggers -- including inoculations, GMOs, pesticides and other things -- it can be met with cruel indifference and mean-spirited name calling.
"We have to keep it real with him on a daily basis in order to keep him safe."
The actress also opened up about teaching her son how to interact with law enforcement as a black teen who's on the autism spectrum.
"We had a moment of severe sadness."
In 2010, actress Leah Remini was cast as one of the original hosts of "The Talk" alongside Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Holly Robinson Peete.
To help other mothers and daughters develop deeper relationships and navigate through the challenges Ryan and I faced along this ADHD journey, I want to take the opportunity to share a few tips that have worked for us.