A dozen or so "undeadheads" will be shambling around the AMC "Walking Dead" installation. Beyer has spent the better part
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Taylor Swift writes so intimately about her private life that it's not surprising that her fans feel they know her. Still
There are two constants in the life of a celebrity: Your life will be kind of insane, but not nearly as insane as the stories
Celebrities are not like the rest of us. They work hard to entertain us. In return, they expect a little consideration, such
Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the Killers, has a bizarre habit, but it doesn't involve sex or drugs. Flowers says he
Kunis hasn't actually been served with the lawsuit, but she and boyfriend Ashton Kutcher think Karo's allegations are "clucked
Even the staunchest Lucille Ball fan probably would not recognize the statue purportedly of the actress that resides in her
Let me suggest trying some of Netflix's selection of Bollywood movies. I've recently watched a bunch of these, and at the very least, they're more compelling than some Nicholas Cage-paying-off-his-debt-to-the-IRS medieval action flick.
Some super heroes see as much as action in the bedroom as they do fighting supervillains. Some of the carnal connections