“Jeff Goldblum is my girlfriend’s celebrity crush,” the man explained.
A new comedy sheds light on the mysterious meeting between a president and the King.
You know Taylor Swift has truly made it as an icon when she is a subject of a corn maze. Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland
Professor Will Brooker will dress like Bowie and even eat the same foods.
Jessica Simpson may be pretty, but she has some pretty ugly dental habits. The singer prefers wiping a shirt on her teeth
As popular as the minions are with filmgoers, they didn't have many fans with commuters in Dublin, Ireland, on Monday. A
In this clip from AMC Freakshow, Asia Ray attempts to break a board with a whip. The catch is that the board is attached to a sword being swallowed by Morgue
Then, as if my prayers had been answered, I saw him. Through the honking cars that whizzed past on Hollywood Blvd he waved blithely. Long brown hair. Neatly trimmed beard. Flowing white robe. Sandals. Was he the real deal?
Lady Gaga has been sporting a new look these days, ditching her shiny costumes and platinum blond wigs for grungy ensembles and her natural brunette locks. And on the cover of the September issue of V Magazine, Mother Monster proves that she's willing to head back to her roots in order to create a different vibe.