holocaust denial

After years of looking the other way, Facebook decided its hate speech policy will include a ban on Holocaust denial and distortion.
Really weird how the Republican congressman keeps making this mistake.
William Latson defended Holocaust deniers in an email to a parent who was inquiring about his Florida school's World War II curriculum.
The site has decided to exempt politicians from abiding by its community rules.
The Palm Beach County superintendent recommended that the school board not renew the contract of William Latson, which ends in 11 months.
William Latson was reassigned from the school in Boca Raton after an outcry over emails to a parent saying "not everyone believes the Holocaust happened."
The high school principal had to defend himself after reportedly telling a parent that he "can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event."
Charles C. Johnson, a Holocaust denier, had a surprising and markedly informal exchange with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in 2018.
Reps. Andy Harris and Phil Roe discussed "DNA sequencing" with Johnson, just after the House disavowed white supremacy.
The storm didn't unleash genocide in Puerto Rico, but the president sounds a lot like genocide deniers.