holocaust memorial

Wednesday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
So if you ever feel you're are not very creative, know this gift of creativity is part of who you are. Honor it, use it and share it. Because it just might change our world into an even better place.
“If I have kids one day, what story am I going to tell them?” she asks. “And what if I got it wrong. It would be really upsetting
Mitchell’s example brings to light the debate over taking selfies in front of places such as Auschwitz and the 9/11 Memorial
Barker said his organization, made up of 19,000 atheists, agnostics and skeptics, takes issue not with the memorial itself
Watch the full conversation at HuffPost Live. "Having been at Auschwitz and having seen what went on there, I had no hope
Holocaust survivor Inge Goldschmidt Oppenheimer joins Mike to talk about her experience in the Holocaust as a teenager.
The blog, called Totem and Taboo, began in 2011 to document "the unexpected tribute" paid by gay men to victims of the tragedy
WARSAW, Poland (Associated Press) -- Vandals desecrated a monument marking the spot in Poland where hundreds of Jews were
In Berlin, I walked through history, retracing the roots of my family tree and immersing myself in the dark past of my Jewish heritage. What must it have been like to wonder if tomorrow would be better than today?