holocaust remembrance day

A survey released on Holocaust Remembrance Day shows major gaps in knowledge of basic information about it.
In truth I thought my protest days were behind me. Instead since Donald Trump's election and inauguration protests have again
And while there are still moments we catch ourselves still aching and longing for that time of falsehood when innocence still
The Muslim ban is not about defeating terrorism. It would have done nothing to stop any of the terrorist attacks in recent
Through my studies, I learned that the unity of Israel determines more than the state and fate of the Jewish people. I learned
You are welcome to download and share “Tattoo”: A song about the Holocaust. Chosen by the government of the Netherlands to
The passing of Elie Wiesel serves as a timely reminder that one day soon Holocaust survivors will no longer be able to tell their own stories.
"The Monuments Men Foundation is pleased that after some 70 years, this menorah will now have a permanent and appropriate
This week, Donald Trump cemented his place as Republican presidential nominee. More than any other year, I'm cognizant today of my responsibility to speak up against the hatred that Donald Trump espouses day after day.
My friend's grandfather survived the Holocaust, came to America and became a hairbrush maker. And woven into the bristles of every brush he made, using the brush fibers, he spelled out the Hebrew word "n'kmati -- my revenge." Every brush he made was an act of defiance against the Nazis.
Holocaust Remembrance Day is May 4th and 5th. To commemorate this time of reflection, I sat down with my daughter Jill Klein, who wrote a book about my Holocaust experiences.
I've been waiting to see Son of Saul for a long time now. It had a limited release in the United States, and because of this, it never came to a theatre in my little town on the prairie. So when it was released on DVD a few days ago, I had it shipped overnight to my house.
Photo courtesy from US Holocaust Memorial Museum Jewish women and children from Subcarpathian Ruthenia await selection on
I hear many angry voices in the world but I am not angry. I understand the anger but I never let it take me over. When we start restricting people based on religion -- we are going down the very pathway my mother describes, and we seem to be forgetting the past.
ince Even in Darkness was published, and as I look back on that post, I find that bringing my book to a national audience has deepened and broadened my understanding of how my great aunt's life story has impacted others, by educating me in the ways readers have interpreted and evaluated my novel.
Italy has led the way in commemorating Jewish culture and protecting the rights of Jews in Europe since World War II, and
There are many stories of Muslims protecting Jews during the Holocaust, something that the I Am Your Protector (IAYP) campaign, which organized the event, aims to increase awareness of.
To be specific, when a person conflates Jews, Israelis, and the Israeli government, it is anti-Semitic. When all Jews and all Israelis are held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government, it is anti-Semitic.
I am very concerned when I see presidential candidates fanning the flames of animosity. It is an all too familiar recipe: Strip away individuality and wrap everyone in the group into an amorphous and frightening entity.