Tour company Base doesn't detail the "challenges" of its plan to resurrect the soulful singer on stage.
Weird News
Akihiko Kondo points out that he never has to worry about his virtual wife cheating or dying.
The late "Rehab" singer's father said the hologram "would be a tremendous way" for Amy "to revisit her fans."
Kiss your boring lipsticks goodbye.
The WorldPost
Amnesty International Korea intends to use technology to skirt a government ban on rallies.
Culture & Arts
The intelligently written and beautifully acted play Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison -- now on extended run at Playwrights Horizons in New York through January 24 -- is also very timely in the world of today's technology.
Food & Drink
This week, Mondelez -- the former snacks division of Kraft that manufactures brands such as Chips Ahoy, Trident and Cadbury
But if that finding leaves you feeing flat, take heart. It's still not proof that we live in a hologram. “If quantum gravity
Microsoft made a splash last month when it unveiled a concept that, until now, we've only seen in movies: glasses that project interactive holographic images onto the real world. Dubbed "HoloLens," they can be used to learn how to make household repairs, build prototypes in mid-air, and even take a virtual walk on Mars.
All in all, the only restriction to this hardware is its battery life, but with the up and coming long range wireless chargers we have seen at CES 2015, even that problem will be solved soon.
Microsoft this week unveiled HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset that overlays text and images on the real world and, in
The prospect of making a discovery that would not only defy common sense but also overturn centuries of scientific thinking
In Fig. 2, a tiny smart phone at fingertip level in my walk-in music closet -- once occupied by thousands of CDs, vinyl, songbooks
On March 28, UK newspaper The Sun reported that billionaire entrepreneur Alki David had purchased a patent for the 3D technology used to construct Tupac's hologram, and was planning a posthumous world tour for Amy Winehouse's image.
A green-tinged image of the prime minister flickered into view above the meeting in Izmir on Jan. 26, the Hurriyet Daily