holy saturday

Passion, Death and Resurrection of God made man - we're offered a share in his divine life. And that's a whole lot better than peanut butter eggs and Peeps.
Christians around the world observe Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection during Holy Week.
Jesus said that his followers would be people who revel in the truth that they are loved by God, and who are identified by the radical love they have for each other and the world. Love. That's it. It's that simple.
That was where Jesus spent Holy Saturday: in a dark hole in the ground, doing absolutely nothing. It was the Sabbath, after all. His friends had worked hard to make sure he was laid to rest before the sun went down. Then they went home to rest too, because that was what they did on Saturdays.
Unlike the hosannas of Palm Sunday and the yearned-for glory of Easter Day, this day in Holy Week, Holy Saturday, speaks most directly to the daily reality of our lives. After the shock of death or words that bring despair -- words like cancer, divorce, terminal, downsizing -- we find ourselves entering the dark void of unknowing.
I met her at the head of the stairs, where she welcomed me into the family's expansive kitchen, introducing me to her husband
The silent witness of religious devotions, a promise to pray for another's concern, faithful mass attendance and warm celebrations
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