holy week

People in India, Haiti and elsewhere retold the Good Friday story this week — defying age-old stereotypes about what Jesus would have looked like.
The devastating fire in Paris occurred during Holy Week, the most sacred time in the Christian calendar.
As I don my vestments and stole to take part in ritual ceremonies of Holy Week, the most sacred liturgical moment of the
For most of my adult life I haven't been so sure about God. That such a mighty and glorious thing could exist seems far-fetched. And the Easter news -- of the Resurrection -- has seemed way too good to be true.
Residents cheered as the papier-mâché mock-up of the GOP front-runner went up in flames.
This Easter, I hope you'll think about where we are, where we're going, and what we can do to, as Langston Hughes put it, "Let America be America again," instead of a path not so different from those biblical temptations.
To see such a death and call it birth is the central act of Christian imagination. It is why we declare God's victory at
Christians around the world set aside this Friday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus.
"The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision" is not pornography and shows no more nudity or violence than a standard Stations of the Cross. Sometimes Facebook blocked its ads for being too "shocking" or "scary," and other times they banned the ad as porn. Queer Christianity seems to scare the censors at Facebook
"It all started with a kiss." That's how Brenda Lee Graham describes the brutality and racism that dramatically altered the lives of her brother, James Hanover Thompson, and his boyhood friend, David Simpson, in a tragic and often forgotten moment in North Carolina history.
I decided to see what we can tell about Jesus's relationship with Judas. Jesus wanted him from the beginning. Jesus wanted him despite knowing the reality of who Judas was. He wasn't blindsided at the final hour.
Sadly, I've come to expect that many Christians think that "the Jews" killed Jesus. They grew up in churches where clergy have irresponsibly used the Gospel of John on Good Friday without contextualizing the use of the phrase "the Jews" which litters the text.
Christians around the world observe Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection during Holy Week.
For me, an ordained United Methodist minister and occasional theology professor and preacher, I cannot help but think first of the women who struggle every day to keep themselves and their families healthy in lean financial times. The women for whom an unplanned pregnancy could mean a lost job, physical risk or devastating financial expense.
Many churches follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year schedule of Scripture readings for the church year. Each year features one of the Gospels. The Gospel for this year, Year C, is the Gospel of Luke. Luke presents a distinctive understanding of Jesus' death.
Two weeks ago my husband, our two boys and I spent spring break in Florida. Our first three days of the trip were dedicated to visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando.