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A proposed expansion of services for the elderly and people with disabilities faces major budget pressure.
Here's how two Ontarians answered, “Should I bring my parent home?”
Additional flexibility is good for their clients as well.
Parenting support. The national Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program, in which specially trained nurses provide ongoing
A Space Apart, A Space Connected Entering the room of someone in their final days is to enter a sacred space, and our volunteers
One of the great privileges of my job overseeing patient care services at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York is that
"Our mission at VNAA is to transform home-based care," notes Tracey Moorhead, President and CEO of VNAA. "By that, we mean
I wrote recently about Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) health plans and how, through comprehensive team-based care management
We also touch base with physicians on other aspects of members' care, including any pharmacy issues, such as difficulty filling
This benchmark reflects both the valuable benefits of hospice care, and also the progress our city and our nation are making in helping to advance quality of life at the end of life for all of our residents and their families.