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You can find Kathy Fielder on her website: http://www.kathyfielder.com/welcome.html XG: Do you use any horse motifs in your
I admit, I am totally lost when it comes to home decor. For years, we've lived in apartments where our ability to decorate was limited to strict leases and landlord preferences to no holes in the walls. So now that we're in the process of purchasing our first home, I'm feeling excited and overwhelmed by all the possibilities to turn this house into a home that is completely ours.
Just like the Thai cuisine he's famous for, Chef Kris Yenbamroong lacks no flavor. Both of his restaurants are wildly vibrant, his menus are always bold, and he met his now-wife on a night out with friends that ended in a bar fight. Though his dishes stand alone without the help of other ingredients, it's his wife, Sarah St. Lifer who provides him with a sense of balance.  
We all know, of course, that creative people tend to be curious, interested in the people around them, and willing to take risks, but what do we know about the homes of creative people?
If you're not a fan of taking the long way around, these easy shortcuts are just what every self-proclaimed lazy girl (or guy) needs to make their home look amazing without too much time or effort. You might want to save these so that you have them handy for the rest of, oh, forever!
If your room is short on space, well-placed lighting is important. In particular, you should consider the use of multiple
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