Home Improvement

Marriage therapists share their advice for HGTV-obsessed couples who want to tackle a remodel or other home improvements.
No matter how many hours of HGTV we’d watched (and believe me, there were many), nothing could have entirely prepared us
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Location is king, but there are other important reasons for why you pay what you pay.
A new coat of paint is like a facelift for your house.
For Architectural Digest, by Carson Griffith. Sarah Paulson has been candid that success ― at least on a commercial scale
First time home owners know that buying a home is one of the most important investments that you can make. And while signing
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Choose a Comfortable Design Have a cold and creepy basement that you hardly use for anything other than storing holiday decorations
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One thing I will say is that with all the frustrations of the roofing project (and really, Kate handled most of it, so I
They say necessity is the mother of invention and it also happens to be responsible for transforming Nicole Curtis from a
8. Provide balance. Ultimately, it’s important for a room to have some natural interplay between light and shadow, as the
You don't want to tear apart your Craftsman home, but you also don't want to endure another hot summer and freezing winter. Is there any relief from this torture?! There is. All your troubles can be solved with a well-placed ceiling fan.
4. Buying the whole set. Speaking of one-stop shopping, another designer no-no (although some would disagree) is to settle