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'It doesn’t matter if they cut every tree and bush on their property, we would not insure it because of where it sits.'
Here are seven questions you should ask yourself to find out.
If you’ve ever left for your summer vacation silently hoping your house would still be there ― and in good working order
The threat of more frequent and more intense natural disasters linked to climate change is forcing cities and states to change
Extra point: "Take a personal contents inventory," says State Farm agent Greg Sherlock. Even going room to room and photographing
Alex Glenn is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. Email: aglenn@nerdwallet.com. Allstate's median home
Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you can make if you are into real estate. A house increases in value overtime when properly taken care of. And if you are a homeowner be it in California or anywhere else, you need a home insurance.
This is so important. This may be overt, like break-ins, burglaries, or heists or may be covert like a tenant removing an
3. Tax materials. If a family member dies or becomes incapacitated, tax matters still need to be attended to. If you work
1. It is always worth the expense One of the misconceptions about homeowner's insurance is that it only covers the actual
Note insurance renewal dates. If you're not comparison-shopping for the auto, homeowners or health insurance coverage you
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You pull up to the dealership anxious to see, touch, feel, smell and drive the new vehicle you have your heart set on buying, only to learn that you can no longer do any of these things. Yes, the famous test drive is out the window, you can't even see what you're about to buy.
One could also argue that's what's happening in Lubbock, where Brennen Teel's 2012 death was blamed on lightning and the
When trees fall from natural cause, such as a hurricane or tornado, your neighbor is not responsible for the damages caused by the tree or even the removal of the tree itself.
Pet ownership can be one of the great pleasures in life but a big financial surprise for those who don't research and plan for everyday and emergency costs. Before taking on the new addition, do your homework and create a budget.
chedule expensive items separately. If you have a coin collection, fur coats, valuable antiques or the family silver in your rented apartment, get an appraisal. You'll need specific coverage for those items, which adds to the policy cost but is well worth it.
Did you know that in most States, such as New York, an insurance broker is generally not liable for their failure to advise you on what coverage you should obtain? Let this be your resource guide to advocate for your own best interest in obtaining coverage.
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