home invasion

The NFL player says he had nothing to do with the assault on Delicia Cordon during a home invasion.
Looks like she warmed to the idea of police custody.
The developing project will mark Union's fourth production credit.
"This may be a case of ‘stand-your-ground,’" a sheriff's spokesman said.
Research on other robbery victims lines up with Kim’s experience.
He saw the man hold a gun to his mother's head.
Fox 17 reports that officers found the alleged intruder behind the victim's residence, where he had fallen down a steep hill
You probably don't know this, but, like you, we've seen our share of desperate moments. But the house that saw the birth of our children and the warmth of so many special moments and the struggle and resilience of a family who saw much happiness and heartache, no longer feels safe or welcoming.
The actual shot felt like nothing as my adrenaline was pumping, it wasn't until the 911 operator asked me if I had been hit, that my body relaxed a bit and the blood soaked my pant leg (yes, like in the movies) and the pain was crippling.
How did a burglar know that Theresa Roemer had a 3,000 square foot, three-level closet that was crammed full of very pricey items including jewels and furs?
We're hearing for the first time the 911 recording of the moments when a west Phoenix woman, huddled in her bathroom, confronted and shot a man charged with breaking into her home. She was on the phone with 911 before, during, and after the shooting till officers arrived.
Forget rushing to the grocery store when disaster like a snowstorm strikes. Everyone else will have the same idea. Need I say more?
How many times have you heard someone say, "I don't have to worry about crime; I live in a gated community"? Yeah, the electronically-locked gate may stop criminals from driving in, but not from walking in!