home of the future

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The most current house of the future debuted this week, where we learned that our homes will just be giant Siris for us to
A centerpiece of the International Consumer Electronics Show, which kicked off in Las Vegas earlier today, the Smart Home
In the 1930s, the nursery of the future was filled with visions of metallic finishes and nannies that would inspire nightmares -- at least, that's what this display from the 1930 Ideal Home Exhibition would suggest.
One particular product makes this a very child-unfriendly space.
You know, these "predictions" make the decade of excess look not-so-bad.
Walter Cronkite Gives A Tour Of A 21st Century Home Office
My assignment was to visit the 'Home of the Future' for our CBS News Sunday Morning annual "Design Edition," airing May 18. It was a journey that produced both delight and anxiety.