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Just take these steps to put "OPERATION 2017: RECONFIGURATION" in motion and transform your home's identity: Is your home
We don't want broken dishes to ruin your festive mood, so the good news is that whatever you found this year, you get a do
One of the drawbacks to apartment living is those sometimes small -- and in some cases, nonexistent -- closets.
What should you do with your birth certificate, social security card, passport, banking documents, will, and all of the other valuable papers? You know better than to pack them up and send them in the moving truck or ship them. But, what is the best way to keep them safe and accessible during your move?
It's time to say good-bye to Grandma's knitted owl collection, and somehow break down Gramp's' garage -- the tool benches, weird springs and connectors he always liked. The whole house is packed, and the realtor told you to have it empty by June 1. Anxious yet?
When overwhelmed by baby clutter, many new parents turn to the bestseller "Spark Joy" in hopes of learning the KonMari method of organizing. The book claims that for an ordered life one must discard any object that does not "spark joy." But, what if the book sparks the opposite of joy? What if the book, itself, must be disposed of?
Even if you only spend 15-30 minutes in your affected area at a time, you are making progress. Starting in an area of your home that isn't needing your attention is defeating the purpose. You will still feel frustrated because the area in your home that needs the attention isn't getting the attention it deserves.
Most likely it's cold outside where you are, therefore you find yourself spending more time indoors. I imagine after awhile
If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get organized, you may not have been thinking you should start with your medicine cabinet. However, it is actually one of the most important areas to keep clean and stocked -- especially in the middle of cold and flu season.
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By following these tips and having a home for your most important things, you'll be better prepared for when things get misplaced.
See the full post here. 18. Keep wires and chargers from tangling using a cereal box Project via The Boondocks Blog See the
Putting photos into albums, tidying your closet, making holiday gifts -- a long holiday weekend can be the perfect time to tackle a project you've been wanting to get to but just haven't had time for.
Our favorite frog says, "It isn't easy being green." But we beg to differ. With new fads about being organic to stay healthy
A clean and organized closet can give you peace of mind and save you time and money, according to experts. However, we tend to clutter those closets with clothes that don't fit, linens, tax records and anything else we want out of sight.
All 10 of these tiny homes prove that space is relative. Your home is only as tiny as you let it feel. So, apply these space-saving tips and storage tricks when you can. Because you deserve to have a bigger home without actually paying for one.
There are lots of arguments as to why a child should have a clean bedroom--and not just because mom or dad said so. Studies show that clean and organized rooms help children succeed both academically and socially, leaving them free from the distractions of clutter and better able to focus and even relax.
Instead of sipping coffee in your PJs, try making a practice of getting dressed first thing. Whether or not you have kids, if you leave your own getting ready to the last minute, mornings will always feel crunched for time.
Is your kitchen organized? I know, it may seem like a foreign concept. Since it is one of the most used rooms in our house, it can be tough keeping it clean and organized. What if I told you it is possible AND easy?