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For most of this election season, we were hoping that the candidates and at least one debate question touched on something
When it comes to popular home renovation projects, should you save or splurge?
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Now is the time to start thinking about property investment and homeownership, since starting young will give you an advantage in the financial game of life. If you're wondering what you need to know before buying, here are my four tips on investing smartly.
Owning a home, while exciting, is no small feat. Between the unexpected costs that inevitably come from the seemingly endless
After one too many late-night noise issues, a million block laps to find parking and repeat calls to landlords regarding floods, broken air conditioners and bug infestations, our little family finally decided that perhaps the suburbs would be a better fit for us than the city.
In Trulia's map below, the bubbles represent the size of a metropolitan area's housing market. The colors represent the percentage
Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy A woman could go crazy thinking about all the things she can't afford. But comparison shopping
Discouraging home ownership by ending or shrinking the mortgage-interest tax deduction could be one way to raise a lot more
Suburbia has been particularly hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, with neighborhoods around the country struggling with
This week I was the recipient of a Barn Raising, but instead of building a place in which to put my cows, it was more along the lines of preparing the place to try and sell it to avoid foreclosure.
Many mature housing markets, such as those in the northeastern U.S., have been spared the dramatic drops in prices seen in
Yesterday's fivefold increase in JPMorgan's (NYSE: JPM) bidding price for the Al Capone vault that Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC