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In a few cities in the Rust Belt, you can afford to buy a house while making less than $40,000. In San Francisco, you'll need to quadruple that.
Apartments with a dishwasher: 90% Apartments with a washer-dryer: 26% Apartments with a pool: 76% Apartments with a fitness
Median rent for 1-bedroom apartment: $1,297.50 Average square footage of 1-bedroom apartment: 695.86 sq. ft. Cost of basic
This is just a glimpse of what the average apartment looks like in 50 U.S. cities. To see your city and cities like Chicago
In some regions of the U.S., home sellers are unknowingly losing thousands of dollars. Why? An antiquated MLS (Multiple Listing Service) rule prevents real estate agents from building excitement by pre-marketing homes before "officially" putting them on the market.
It is no longer a matter of if but when, and to what extent, we will see a downward pricing event in Dallas, Denver and Houston.
Whether they should they rent or buy a home is one of the toughest financial decisions Americans face. The factors at play in making this decision revolve around not only where you are, but also who you are.
Steve Hoffman at Founders Space recently returned from a "marathon business trip" to China. He returned with some unexpected findings that defy many of our staid stereotypes in the West. With Steve's permission, I am quoting his findings below.
The housing industry is starting to boom again. The latest reports show that sales of existing homes rose to their highest level in eight years, and the median price for an existing home sold in June rose to $236,400 -- the highest ever recorded by the National Association of Realtors -- and surpassing the July 2006 peak.
With real estate prices skyrocketing in Silicon Valley, some of my friends are deciding to cash in on their homes, grab the extra bucks and take a hike out of town or out of state and live the good life somewhere else with lots of money to spare.
We did the math on 5 homes currently on the market and 5 common expenses that you may or may not need to give up. Those "Unlimited
Released in July 2014, FHFA Brief 14-02, '"First Time Homebuyer Share and House Price Growth", arrives at a statistically supported conclusion that is at the very least predictable, if not painfully obvious.
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Eight of the 10 most overvalued housing markets are in California, with Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside-San Bernardino
18 Houston, TX 3.6% Urban neighborhoods (incl. high-rise neighborhoods) 9.8% $900 11 Sacramento, CA 4.8% $900 1.1% 15 Chicago
5. Time Out ... For Sport Enthusiasts Only Shoot and score at this Illinois estate. There is enough space for a little 5
Of the Housing Barometer's five indicators, all have improved over the last year except new construction starts. But only
43 January 2014 Trulia Price Monitor Summary 7 Austin, TX 2.0 Table 1: Year-Over-Year Home Price Gains in Tech Hubs % of
5% At the same time, the effects of the recession and housing bust still sting: the barriers to homeownership remain high