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One of the many perks to getting older. Bottoms up!
By: Kimberly Jordan Allen Here are some natural remedies to make your periods more manageable. To learn the three other natural
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Go to yoga or take a walk. It may seem like being active will only make you feel more tired and it can be true--going to
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Because heel pain has such a huge impact on everyday activities like standing, walking, and running, people will go to drastic lengths and spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars trying to find a cure.
Take one ripe banana and make it into a paste. Add one egg white and a tsp olive oil to it. Apply to hair ,wait for 30mins
I did some research, and it turns out there are legitimate, medical explanations for why performing inverted yoga poses can cure sinus pain. Here are a few that I found:
If you're often feeling bloated or gassy, there are simple things you can do to help. These tips and tricks will help you