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One of the many perks to getting older. Bottoms up!
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"It's a good thing that people want to take an active role in their health," says Philip Hagen, M.D., vice chair of the division
2. Diet What we eat has an impact on our skin. Studies have shown that when we cut high-glycemic foods (carbs such as those
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When dealing with gastrointestinal issues, and any significant health issues for that matter, it is very important to seek
Because heel pain has such a huge impact on everyday activities like standing, walking, and running, people will go to drastic lengths and spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars trying to find a cure.
Take one ripe banana and make it into a paste. Add one egg white and a tsp olive oil to it. Apply to hair ,wait for 30mins
I did some research, and it turns out there are legitimate, medical explanations for why performing inverted yoga poses can cure sinus pain. Here are a few that I found:
If you're often feeling bloated or gassy, there are simple things you can do to help. These tips and tricks will help you
"Claims have been made about ACV balancing pH, treating acne, and supporting weight loss. While some might experience these side effects, there are not enough clinical research to support these methods, so in my practice, I offer ACV as a remedy for the following specific areas."
The surface of our lips can literally break, leading to chapped, and even cracked lips. It is important to take good care, because badly cracked lips can lead to potential infection.
Flu season can't touch this. 🎶Dun dun dun dun. 🎶
Being a physician, I'm more than a little skeptical of some home remedies -- so here are five that I can truly say are supported by medical evidence... or Grandma.
6. Clear up a red wine stain. Sprinkle salt on the fresh stain, and wait 5 minutes. Splash with cold water, and rub until
Put that brown bottle sitting in your medicine cabinet to good use way beyond the first aid kit. Read more from Grandparents.com
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? And should you actually feed a cold and starve a fever? While there's some
Stomach cramps. Gas. Bloating. Whether it’s a certain food that just didn’t sit well with you, overeating, anxiety, or a