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Ahna Tessler's "Quarantine Kids" finds humor in the chaos of her children learning from home.
Quick, easy solutions to fuel students for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner while distance learning at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
The actor talked about the 12-year-old's study habits as she home-schools during the coronavirus pandemic.
Flexibility is 100% the key to staying sane as a home-schooling parent.
Advantages of Staying at Home During the Pre-School Years 1. If the child is social enough to separate without anxiety from
Most election cycles occur within well-understood parameters. Indeed, these parameters are so generally accepted by the experts that they assume the character of revealed truth. And so they appear to be, until their foundations are shifted and we are suddenly confronted by new arrangements.
When I first talked to Yvette Hwee on the phone about her wonderful online preschool startup, Playful Bee, I was captivated by her passion. She spoke enthusiastically about America's issues regarding preschool and her experiences as a mom of two young girls.
Sex scandals keep bubbling up from the Christian home school world and there is an underlying connection you've not yet read about--and believe it or not, it ties into the tea party and the GOP house speaker race.
I love this kid and being her mother more deeply than I could have ever dreamt. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right
If my son should ever ask to attend a brick and mortar school, I will be the first one at the principal's office the next day enrolling him in school. But I won't be enrolling him for socialization or any other excuse. It will be because it is what he wants, and what we as a family believe is best for him and for us.