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Research shows that the foundations for school readiness start even before a baby is born and proceed at lightning speed through the first years.
What Millennial Dads Want Some of the programs and policies that can fill in the gaps to help parents reclaim this missing
Her proposals could set up a stark contrast with Donald Trump's.
As with Luisa, the early results seem promising. Her younger son has shed many of his tics, and he’s been in the same school
Darcy Lowell created a home visiting program called Child First that's designed to help young and impoverished families create a stable home for young children.
Although both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have introduced bills and proposals about how best to proceed, we live in an era where money and politics take precedence and the question of doing what is "in the best interest of children" is far too often forgotten or ignored. That must end.
Congress must stop playing politics with children and pass four more years of funding for CHIP and MIECHV as part of the "doc fix" package if millions of children are not to be left with uncertainty and at greater risk. We need to ensure our children are healthy, supported, and strong if they are going to be able to support our growing number of seniors in the future.
Voluntary home visiting programs reach families where they live and tailor services to meet each family's individual needs.
Why are so many girls, especially girls of color, confined in our nation's detention facilities, and what are we as a society going to do about it? We must all work tirelessly to give hope and a fair chance to these girls and all children by promoting policies, programs, and supports that help them and their families, especially those most at risk.
The 15 million U.S. children growing up in poverty are typically more than 18 months behind their better-off peers by the time they enter school. Many never catch up. So I'm very thankful that tonight at 10 p.m. the new PBS documentary series A Path Appears is showing that these children are not a lost cause.