Homeboy Industries

What happens when gang violence becomes a community health issue, not a crime problem.
The U.S. has spent an unprecedented amount on incarceration and rehabilitative programs over the past decade, yet the rate
“It’s hard to stretch myself out and give everybody the attention that is needed," Juarez told HuffPost over the phone. "I
Art meets athletes this year for Homeboy Industries 5k Run/Walk on Saturday October 18, from 8am to noon.
The ecology of one's environment plays a pivotal influence on creativity and style, thus in Defer's case, his mastery of bold typeface is nativist to Los Angeles street culture.
3. This Pastor Helping Gang Members 4. These Volunteers Helping Impoverished People Hear For The Very First Time Here are
As a well-known proverb says, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail," and the solution to every problem becomes, "a bigger hammer." This appears to be the logic of Governor Jerry Brown when it comes to the crisis festering in the California prison system.
As our world evolves, so does cinema. This week, the Awareness Film Festival presents its unique and diverse take on film as both spiritual reflection and inspiration.
This is an invitation to those who fancy themselves pro-life: To merit that weighty title, here are some profound "right-to-life" challenges you will need to become advocates for.
His purpose in life now, he said, is to pass on to his kids the "unconditional love" Boyle gave him. "I want to show my kids
Then she got her gun -- a .22-caliber pistol that fit in her pocket. Everyone in the gang was given a black-market gun and
Enterprises run by nonprofits offer a compelling way for people with limited educations and minimal employment histories to lift themselves from lives of dependency and extreme poverty.
Jesse is telling me about himself in an upstairs meeting room at Homeboy Industries, a charity that helps former gang members to become productive members of their families and communities.
After indulging during Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then Cyber Monday, it's about time we give back to those who have less
As we celebrate Thanksgiving and enter the holiday season, I am reminded of our annual family tradition, one that I imagine is shared by many across the United States.
This is a tale of desperation in grief. It is a story of fear and despondence, coming of age, and loss of innocence. It is a story of Los Angeles too seldom told.