Homeboy Industries

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent Tuesday with members of Homeboy Industries.
Speaking of delight, among Babson's current students is someone else whose story embodies the themes in this post -- someone
What happens when gang violence becomes a community health issue, not a crime problem.
Kirk analyzed one group released immediately following Katrina and another that included parolees released a year later. He
We talk, read, write, reply, analyze, try, explore, search, answer, offer, react, decide, and project. In between all that
This story is part of series called 12 Days Of Giving. Huffington Post Impact, Religion and Parents have teamed up to feature
Art meets athletes this year for Homeboy Industries 5k Run/Walk on Saturday October 18, from 8am to noon.
The ecology of one's environment plays a pivotal influence on creativity and style, thus in Defer's case, his mastery of bold typeface is nativist to Los Angeles street culture.
Father Greg Boyle, a pastor who founded Homeboy Industries, is helping gang members turn their lives around. The nonprofit
As a well-known proverb says, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail," and the solution to every problem becomes, "a bigger hammer." This appears to be the logic of Governor Jerry Brown when it comes to the crisis festering in the California prison system.