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Prepare to have your mind blown. Showtime has released a new "Homeland" trailer, and it's full of Season 4 spoilers. In the
Someone else is after Jack Bauer. The human rights organization Amnesty International launched the "Stop Torture" campaign
"HOMELAND" SPOILERS AHEAD! Being from London, Lewis was also asked if the most popular British TV export right now, "Downton
Shows have off seasons. It happens. What worries me about "Homeland" is that it seems to have made structural and thematic choices that limit where it can go next and how effectively it can get there. For three seasons, Brody and Carrie kept finding their way out of impossible situations. I wonder if "Homeland" can do the same.
Last night's season finale of "Homeland" was at once less suspenseful, more elegiac and more heart-rendingly emotional than we were expecting it to be, and left very few of its main characters still in the running.
Catch the season finale of "Homeland" this Sun., Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime. The Showtime series won big in the past
If you haven't seen the most recent episode of "Homeland," close this browser right now. If you have: WHOA.
How much longer can "Homeland" run before the bank of viewer goodwill empties out?
"Homeland's" problems are not just about Teen Runaway Dana or Awful Leo: They are much bigger than that.
Klattenhoff can currently be seen on NBC's "The Blacklist." Watch the video above for more from the actor. Diego Klattenhoff
The problem is, it now seems like an almost insurmountable hurdle for Brody to escape, let alone to get back to Carrie. So
When this week's episode of "Homeland" ends, the story doesn't. Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Audible have
After two seasons of being "Homeland's" resident bratty teenager, Dana Brody(Morgan Saylor) did some serious growing up and rebelling this week, and her TV dad Damian Lewis is not happy about it.
Out of true concern for her mental state -- but also out of a desire to protect the CIA from damaging revelations at a particularly
However, Saylor said she doesn't see it as completely sexism. "I think a lot of characters get a lot of sh--. Maybe women
Was that uncomfortable for anyone else? Also, how much longer before Brody surfaces to (hopefully) get the show gets back on track?
Tell us: Are you shocked by Dana's evolution on "Homeland"? (Of course, this only makes us even more excited to finally see
Miss the "Homeland" Season 3 premiere? It's OK, you can watch it online here. The Season 3 premiere of "Homeland" was up
"And is that officer you?" the reporter asks. "Homeland" Season 3 (Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime) kicked off with a bang