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Today Muslims are increasingly pressured to demonstrate that the principles of Islam, a religion of peace, are not what ISIS stands for. Recent terror attacks have been filtered by the media and consumed by the public as the wrongdoings of Muslims across the globe.
She also saw her good friend Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) nearly killed, and while Gansa says Quinn will return this season
"Directing is like choreographing a dance. The story also has to be at the heart of it." After seasons in Cape Town and Berlin
Understanding how to create a strong split desire between the series arc and the complication added by the pilot arc is what
René Ifrah has some history that is verrrrry interesting. Most people have roots in one place; this guy has roots in several. How has this helped with his Homeland character?
On a recent "Homeland" episode, Carrie Mathison strode purposefully past a wall scrawled with a rather incongruous message: "Homeland is racist."
In light of the upward trend and increased awareness of body positivity as an issue (alternately described as "anti-body shaming"), women have posted online unaltered photos of themselves at various weights.
Fortunately, I watch a lot of recorded sporting events so know how to avoid live results, and I work at home, so I don't
I decided that I wanted to hand out my very own Emmy Awards today and thanks to a slight typographical error when first writing this piece I decided they would be called The Memy Awards -- my picks for performances and series that warranted being singled out for recognition.
The emotional roller coaster that is Carrie and Quinn continues as the two chat on the phone before Carrie meets with her
"Homeland" airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. Later, Lockhart calls Carrie to check in and offers his condolences about
Max and Carrie sit next to the bodies of the fallen, the dimmed lighting and American flag behind them is a great juxtaposition
In the last, and most chilling scene, Haqqani and his fully armed men break into the passageway underneath the embassy. Under
Poor Saul is exhausted, wildly unkempt, and desperately hoping to make it to safety. He arrives at the extraction point at
Keep up with "Homeland" recaps here every week. "Homeland" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime. The ambassador, Lockhart
Carrie approaches Quinn about getting a small and "discreet" team together. There's enough tension in the room to cut a knife
The next morning, Quinn goes to Carrie's hideaway apartment with Aayan and gets her to come outside to talk. He berates her
Quinn arrives in Islamabad and meets with Fara at the office. He moves into a desk while Fara gives him the lowdown on what
While watching season four, I feel like slapping myself for getting so caught up in a tale of fiction and for not dismissing stereotypes when I had the chance.
The lockdown has been lifted at the embassy, courtesy of Saul. Carrie finds him eating breakfast and takes the opportunity