They nibbled the cookies, set out with great care Careful to avoid getting milk in their hair And gobbled up carrots left
Are you or your kids busy writing Santa lengthy wish lists? Are you looking for a way to keep the entire family in the giving spirit? And, maybe, just maybe, keep them a little less focused on the receiving spirit? Well, this season make it: All 'bout The Reindeer. No trouble!
"I can't believe an 8-year-old pit bull from Fulton County Animal Services found a home like this. But she did," says Conway
Courtesy of Robyn Arouty / Robyn Arouty Photography After the train passed, Arouty asked the man if they were his dogs, and
Pets for Patriots celebrated its first pet adoption in July 2010. During its first year, it coordinated five or six adoptions
Finding her subjects mostly through word of mouth around the homeless community, Levine photographed pets and their owners
Shifting our current practice from the collection and dispersal of homeless animals to preventing their births can stop the suffering and abate the need for building or expanding shelters. It can be done.
Feed Homeless Pets An estimated 5 to 10 percent of homeless people have cats or dogs, which many rely on for companionship
Once again I'm frustrated by the confusing terminology found on pet food labels. I frequently find pet food labels covered with meaningless words written by advertisers trying to entice you to buy their product without sharing with you their true merit.
"Landlords who don't permit pets to move in are a huge part of the homeless pet problem," Zalagens said, when asked what