One Cuban farmer keeps a scorpion under his hat for moments when pain strikes.
I see a couple of steps to answering this, the first one being that while one belief system may in fact be better than another
Yes, swimming powerhouse Michael Phelps, purple-spotted from cupping therapy, and your slovenly relative with a beer gut both share a bond -- a weakness in succumbing to the allure of voodoo medicine.
A trial date was set for April 10, 1977, which to me was quite an auspicious date because it was the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann
While channel surfing between cable news programs or perusing news articles on the internet, you are likely to come across
While conventional medicine is now commonly accepted, complementary and alternative medicines have persisted throughout history. Homeopathy is the oldest form of CAM from Europe.
I think homeopathy is all nonsense but I'm not trying to ban it.If people want to buy magic water and pretend it does something, then by all means, they should knock themselves out. But why not label it correctly.
I know these FDA regulations won't help with the quacks and predators out there and I don't actually believe that most homeopathic and alternative practitioners are bad people. All I'm asking is that they back up their claims with evidence.
This Australian government report acknowledged a significant body of scientific evidence that homeopathic medicines are effective
Although the FDA has jurisdiction over homeopathic products, it has to date essentially given homeopathic drugs a pass, and has not required them to demonstrate they are safe and effective. Why is that?