Google Trends data, coupled with requests HomeAdvisor received for 2015, indicate that this is the top task in Wyoming. So, apparently, Wyoming homeowners needed a lot of new windows this year.
It's important to acknowledge that getting married doesn't automatically give you a financial boost. However, if you and
In the aftermath of the shutdown and debt ceiling debacle, a storm of news media and economists predicted that anxious Americans would spend less through the new year. In the housing market, however, these predictions aren't panning out.
But "the NMS only has a three-year shelf life," she explains. "Which means, it expires if states do not take action. If states
There is a new report out once again reminding us of the greatest disappointment progressives have in the Obama administration: the lack of toughness in regards to Wall Street. Until the Obama administration fixes this problem, the rest of the economy is going to keep suffering.
In Tuesday night's debate, Romney offered up the latest rendition on his tax plan, which includes slashing marginal tax rates
Who is eligible? Homeowners who are still in their home, but are not current on their payments and are struggling to make
I'd love for more Americans to realize the dream of owning their own home. But we need to be diligent enough to do our own research and not leave our financial futures in the hands of others.
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