Once you factor in taxes, insurance, maintenance and mortgage interest, you may be lucky to break even.
If you've been socking money away in a retirement account and are ready to buy a home, you could tap into that savings to boost your buying power. There are several ways to use retirement funds to put a down payment on a home.
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The United States is a nation of renters. According to City Lab, 71.6 percent of 18 to 34 year olds and 41.1 percent of all
We should ask, "Why is this necessary?" on the things we hold dear. instead of saying, "I have to do this or else." Avoiding
It's a troubling development for the housing market and the broader economy. For many middle-income Americans, homeownership
Big houses, little houses: Republican-leaning ZIPs in both metros also tend have more expensive houses. The homeownership
The lingering effects of the economic crisis are creating obstacles for most families who want to buy homes.
"I truly think Bernie Sanders has the best interests of the middle class and low-income people at heart," said a first-time
The national real estate picture has brightened much since the dark days of the financial crisis, and home prices are now back to near record high across the U.S., 10 years upon the prior peak. Nevertheless, the real estate market, and therefore the way we live, has evolved dramatically.
Prices are up 8% in the prior 12 months vs historical 6%. Inventories are tighter than last year, especially for small, lower priced homes. In 2016, we expect 8-9% appreciation, flat unit sales volume increases, and continued tight inventories.
That was the idea, anyway. Seven years later, housing isn't a drag on the economy, but it's not leading the recovery, either
Would you wear sweatpants for an important job interview? Going out on a limb here, but the answer is probably "no." The
Interest rates have been at all-time lows for years, but millions of people who could qualify for reduced mortgage rates through refinancing haven't taken the plunge.
It is obvious that the Clintons had no idea that encouraging an increase in Black homeownership would lead to 2008s financial crisis. I'm sure that was not their intention. However, it is fair to question the judgment of politicians who enact good policies that end up having negative consequences.
Perhaps the biggest story coming out of campaign 2016 is not the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, but the fact that the media and political establishment never saw it coming. And the fact that they never saw it coming perfectly explains the rise of Sanders and Trump.
Almost two thirds of taxpayers are homeowners. Why should they be OK with the government experimenting with their tax dollars to benefit the government controlled GSEs? How about benefiting the taxpayer homeowner instead?
As a leading nonprofit advocate for the use of manufactured housing done right as an affordable housing solution, CFED believes the federal government should begin an investigation into this matter.