Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are about to be transformed.
The Greeks thought of mythology no different than early history. A myth, after all, was a story told and passed on by word of mouth. It was speech, tale, conversation and narrative. Oral tradition fuelled mythology for a very long time.
"It would take you 30 years to really learn Maltese," one sports fan proclaimed over a Heineken, slurring his gutturals. The
But a vociferous Christian theological tribe argues Jesus was real. He grew up in Nazareth of Galilee. He went for baptism
This wave of thought police infiltrating academia has begat new vocabulary. Neo-colonialist professor's incessant "micro
In 1937 Sergei Eisenstein noted an affinity between filmic montage and the imagistic sequencing Homer employed in The Iliad
Maskaleris came to America in the 1950s from Arkadia, Peloponnesos, home of the gods, especially Pan, beautiful villages
Christianity in Greece suppressed the Greeks' ancient heritage. But despite the censorship of Greek thought and theater, and
What are you reading these days? she asks. James Joyce. Ulysses. No way. No one understands that. Swamped now, huge waves
We went kayaking every morning with our own private guide. During our paddles we saw lots of bald eagles and sea otters, several
Maybe for a time before dying, a very small time, Bryce Williams's swirling anger, Chris Harper Mercer's swirling anger, stopped swirling. Perhaps, at long last, they felt sated. How relatively pitiful the causes of their anger; how incomparably grievous the consequences.
Fans of The Simpsons have been dreaming for decades now about getting the chance to visit Springfield. Well, that dream became a reality back on April 2nd of this year when Springfield officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.
The warrior mindset outside any real battle field easily becomes a cloak for vices to pass as virtues, and the whole environment quickly turns poisonous.
A wheelchair-accessible van decorated by his classmates was delivered to the home of West High freshman Aron Fa'afetai on Tuesday -- the second time this year the Ford Windstar has been donated to an Alaska family facing extreme challenges.
Participants are invited to take part by sending an image from daily life taken using a smartphone and send it in from January
Plantation owners quickly grasped the awesome power of the new mechanized Cyclops Polyphemus. He would defy heavens and Earth
Hospitality is an industry in the United States, not a way of living.
The boys shuffle in from the bright Isla Vista heat outside, eight teenagers dressed in the navy blue polo shirt, slacks, and black-and-white converse sneakers that constitute the uniform of the juvenile detention center a few miles outside of town.
Macbeth is surely one of the worst hosts ever dreamed up by a playwright, but he has plenty of company in literature as a whole.