"Late Show" host reveals the president's weak spot.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are about to be transformed.
The Greeks thought of mythology no different than early history. A myth, after all, was a story told and passed on by word of mouth. It was speech, tale, conversation and narrative. Oral tradition fuelled mythology for a very long time.
"Unfortunately I only have a week," I explained. Fans of Humphrey Bogart know the tiny island state of Malta as the origin
The death of Jesus was the beginning of Christ: the anointed one, the son of the Jewish god who rose from the dead. These
One common thematic in the slapstick of these two tales is the ubiquitous redefined and downgraded use of the word "trauma
In 1937 Sergei Eisenstein noted an affinity between filmic montage and the imagistic sequencing Homer employed in The Iliad
A telling example of saving the phenomena of both cultures comes from the poetry of Thanasis Maskaleris. His book, "My Life
Read "Allegories of the Iliad." Tzetzes was by no means a humble scholar. He compared himself to Homer. Despite such arrogance
At home, she is. Alone, I hope. Sirens are outside the bar, the song of the police, rubber necks, don't look back. Put in