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Amid a host-free awards ceremony, the show featured some screwball comedy and the "Breaking Bad" actor giving a speech about the power of TV.
"The Simpsons" will join Disney's new streaming service when it launches later this year.
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Miguel Vasquez: 3D artist, cartoon fan, nightmare architect.
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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried to claim Bart, Homer, Marge and Maggie are Republicans. But the show’s writers and stars weren’t having any of it.
Snow angels are not frozen hobos, snow angels are not frozen hobos, snow angels are not frozen hobos...
The animated show directed viewers to organizations where they can donate.
The prodigious pastry is equivalent to 95 normal-sized doughnuts
Our way of life is under threat. Because of historic hog shortages and skyrocketing consumption we could soon be bereft of bacon.
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He spent a lot of “d’oh” on these tats.
Are the "Cartoon Wars" reigniting?