Home education is by a parent or a tutor outside of the traditional public or private school. This is usually carried out
A lot of the decision comes down to what will work best for you and your kids.
..but there will also be amazing days. There will be happiness and love and success and wonder. You will feel so incredibly
When people find out we are homeschooling, they say certain things. Well-intentioned comments like:   "Wow, I could never
"What makes you qualified to be a teacher?" Not only is this offensive but it's also incredibly ill-informed. Many homeschool moms are college educated, intelligent and intuitive women.
2. "I'd never have the patience!" Dude. This is so not helpful. Do you remember Bambi? Thumper’s mom told him, “If you don’t
I am an accidental homeschooler. I didn't plan on educating my children at home. I didn't plan on joining the ranks of parents who are sometimes viewed as insular and anti-social. Like many others, I thought that all homeschoolers purposely sheltered their kids from the real world. Seven years after my kids have dragged me into this lifestyle, I can wholeheartedly declare that I am more connected to the world than ever before.
My daughter's allergies started us on our homeschool journey, but now that we're in it, even if my daughter outgrew her allergy, we would still choose home education.
Elementary school has fallen and shattered over our ten-year-old's mind. It has suffocated his love for learning, piled over his kindness and trust, and eroded his childhood. Today, five years after he started kindergarten, my son, my husband and I crawl about, attempting to gather and paste the pieces of school together.
Teachers of all kinds, public, private, homeschool, need to remember why they're teaching, they need a framework that brings focus to chaos.
I have recognized that there are several frustrating things people say to a homeschool parent. I've heard these statements on numerous occasions, and while I realize they may be innocent, many of them are indirectly hurtful and even obnoxious.
Before you pipe up about socialization or public school preparedness or homeschooling stereotypes (all homeschooled kids are weird) please remember this. The homeschooling parent standing next to you is doing what all good parents do: what's best for their children.
For example, I planned to write this piece while Alice studied her Chinese characters. Since the average Chinese newspaper
It's a warm spring evening in Central Park and a group of teens are gathered at the Alice in Wonderland statue, just up from the boating lake. For most of them, frolicking on the iconic statue is probably something they haven't done in a while. But today the teens don't hold back.
During the late 1980s, my mother heard a radio report about an educational method called "homeschooling." At the time, it was framed as a predominantly religious response in the U.S. to the secularization of schooling. But what mom saw was an opportunity to spend more time raising her children in the way she believed to be best.